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 when we named this show, we didn't know how many celebs would die this summer

And Then There Were None
Improv Comedy Revue
15, 2009
General Admission: $8 — 8:00PM
New Show Format (or old format returning)


Looking for someplace fun to go out with family and friends on your Saturday nights in Raleigh, NC?  One Saturday a month, Raleigh's Village Idiots will be taking the stage with a fully improvised comedy show.

Join us for about 90 minutes of short and long form improv comedy fun.  Scenes, stories, games, and songs improvised based on your suggestions. 

FREE BONUS SET - for mature audiences

After a short break to catch our breath, the Idiots will again take the stage with our bonus set, sometimes called the "adult comedy" set.  We turn off our filters for this one, so be warned!  We recommend this bonus set for more mature (or older but immature) audiences as we don't know where they will go or what language we'll use.  Believe it or not, Raleigh, we're usually holding back. In this bonus set, we let loose.

All shows are at the North Raleigh Arts and Creative Theatre.

Google has a map to the NRACT.

Call (919) 866-0228 for more information or for reservations.

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